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Introducing the "Not On Our Watch" bronze sculpture, capturing the bravery and commitment of the Special Rangers Foundation. This beautifully crafted piece commemorates the dedicated law enforcement division, known for tackling thefts of cattle, horse equipment, and the issue of poaching. With a rich history in the south, the Special Rangers Foundation works tirelessly alongside the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association to safeguard the industry of cattle raising. This sculpture is a timeless tribute to the courage and integrity of those who work to keep our livestock and natural resources safe. Display "Not On Our Watch" in your home or office to honor the important work of this esteemed foundation.

"Not On Our Watch" 9"L x 10"W x 14"H

  • The artist offers free shipping for all bronze cast shipments, making it convenient for collectors to acquire this masterpiece. Additionally, for collectors who live within 100 miles of the artist's studio, the artist personally delivers the sculpture, allowing them to meet the creative mind behind the artwork. Please keep in mind that bronze casts generally take 2-3 months to complete, so your patience is truly appreciated as our artist works diligently to bring your unique piece to life.


  • No Refunds

    Due to the intricacies of the bronzing process, refunds cannot be issued for any reason. This means that all payments are final and non-refundable. However, the artist does provide a caveat that if they fail to deliver the sculpture, a refund or alternative arrangement may be made.

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